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Inspired By Birth Stories

November 13, 2009

Wednesday night was my first Choices in Childbirth meeting as the new meeting coordinator…what a way to get started! My initial reactions are: awe, inspiration, and great anticipation for things to come! I am honored and excited to be working with Choices in Childbirth as we continue to breathe life into a very old and sacred tradition of communities of parents openly sharing birth knowledge and empowering each other.

Three brave and beautiful new mothers came out to share their unique stories about how they found their birth setting. For some, that journey was guided by intuition, as they walked into the unknown, others had more help along the way. Our new mothers described their eventual birth settings as perfect and peaceful, stressful and overwhelming, and even a bit humorous—but no matter what the process, they all spoke with candor and passion about the event which produced the amazing new child in their lives!

Kara, Martha, and Melissa demonstrated that birth is much more than what we typically see in the media. It’s not a frightening event filled with medical intervention and uncertainty, nor is it a process where the mother is stuck in a passive role while everyone around her decides what is best for her birth. In fact, if all three women had anything in common it is that somewhere along the way they asserted their confidence in the inherent ability of our bodies to give birth, and whether with support or alone, worked hard to see that their desires were honored.

Having had such an engaging and educational evening, I am curious to know how other women and their partners have approached the decision of how and where to birth. How are you dealing with expectations of your families? What are the challenges? What are you sure about and what are you searching for? How about advice, best practices, and tricks you learned along the way? Please share! We love to hear from you and keep the circle of information and knowledge flowing.

To get us started, please enjoy the stories of Kara, Martha and Melissa on the next page…



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