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Riding the Waves for a Great Hospital Birth

December 10, 2012
Elizabeth and Anjali (photo credit Nicole Heidbreder)

Elizabeth and Anjali (photo credit Nicole Heidbreder)

CIC’s most recent Healthy Birth Choices Workshop was on a popular topic which resonates with almost all expectant parents. With the vast majority of births across the US taking place in hospitals, how can we set ourselves up to have the birth experience we want? We are grateful to have been joined by midwife Katherine Roeltgen CNM, as well as new moms Sonia, Casey and Emma, who shared their experience giving birth in three NYC hospitals.

Sonia had originally considered planning a cesarean section and been afraid of the birth process. Through reading, conversations with others and Bradley childbirth education classes, however, her approach changed. She gained confidence in her body and came to realize she wanted an active, natural birth. When conversations with her OB made it increasingly evident that they were not on the same page, she knew something had to change. 28 weeks pregnant, she switched to midwifery care at an in-hospital birth center.

As they lived an hour and a half’s drive from the hospital, they planned to check into a nearby hotel in order to labor in privacy as long as possible. Her baby, however, had other plans. Sonia felt contractions begin around 1am. Over the next few hours they grew closer and by 5am were feeling quite intense. She followed her midwife’s and doula’s advice to have a glass of wine, soak in the tub and try to sleep as much as possible, but suspected her labor was progressing faster than they realized. Laboring in bed, in the tub and on her birth ball, she found comfort in moaning as she worked through contractions.  The glass of wine “was like an aspirin”, she told us, raving about how effectively it numbed the intensity of the pain. Her doula’s back massage felt “like the most amazing thing in the world”. By 7am, her body was bearing down during contractions. She didn’t realize she was pushing, but was fairly certain she wouldn’t be going to the hotel. Later, she experienced a strong urge to push, and felt her waters bulge and then burst. With their doula’s help, they realized it was time to leave for the hospital. Sonia arrived fully dilated and pushing. With her midwife, doula and husband at her side and encouraging her to push her baby “through the door”, she gave birth to her son just 30 minutes later.



Hurry! Last 2 days to be listed in the New York Guide to a Healthy Birth!

April 8, 2010

If you are a Mother-Friendly Provider who serves the women and families in the greater New York City area you could be part of the 5th edition of the New York Guide to a Healthy Birth!

The Guide to a Healthy Birth is a free resource published annually by Choices in Childbirth for new and expectant parents that provides information about women’s rights and options in childbearing, articles by esteemed birth professionals, support for finding Mother-Friendly care, and so much more.

In addition to the great resources, the Guide also lists a local directory of professionals in the New York Area who practice Mother-Friendly care. Become part of this local network of over 140 providers in a wide range of categories from Accupuncture to Yoga, Midwifery to Childbirth Education, Doulas to Breastfeeding Support, and everything in between!

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In addition to the provider directory, we also have opportunities for businesses who serve parenting New Yorkers. If you would like to place a 1/3 page display ad in the printed Guide – register here. For less than $6 per week you can include your ad in our annual publication that reaches over 20,000 new and expectant parents in New York!

Shaking off Labels: How “Risk” in pregnancy can equal “Reward” instead

November 19, 2009

As we all know, the discrepancies that emerge between scripting a plan and the reality of setting that plan into motion can often be vast. A birthing plan is no exception. What we don’t always realize is that the experiences that unfold between plan-making and life happening can be also be joyous… Such was our lesson on Monday night, eloquently delivered by the three women who shared their birth stories during our informational meeting: Choices in a “High Risk” Pregnancy.

Here at Choices in Childbirth we aim to provide you with information on how to deal when someone informs you that the birth plan you envisioned might need a rewrite; but as our meeting progressed another important theme unfolded. Tracy, Mayra, and Carla, our fabulous mother speakers and script changing extraordinaires, shared an inspiring common message in their stories of ultimately making peace with, and even celebrating, the birthing experiences that had differed (at times drastically) from their original visions.

Also in the house were Dr. George Mussalli and Dr. Jacqueline Worth of Village Obstetrics. To say that we were thrilled to have the doctors is an understatement! Village Obstetrics, self-described as “minimally invasive obstetrics,” is great option in NYC for women who are interested in working with mother-friendly obstetricians. As Mayra described about her story of working with Drs. Worth and Mussalli, these two doctors truly respect women’s autonomy and the process of birth- even in a situation that is less than ideal.

And now, on to the stories: Please feel keep the circle of information growing and flowing by responding with your questions and comments. As if navigating a pregnancy doesn’t feel mysterious at times to even the most informed among us, if your pregnancy has been additionally deemed as “high risk” things are likely to get even more confusing. Know that you are not alone! Read on and post away.


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