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Workshop Wrap-Up: VBAC and Cesarean Birth

October 9, 2012

CIC’s Healthy Birth Choices Workshops on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) and Cesarean Birth are often particularly personal and powerful. Every expectant or prospective mom in the audience has either faced or is facing a birth which did not go the way she had hoped. All are seeking support, information and resolution as they prepare for their next baby’s birth.

Those who came to our most recent meeting brought with them many questions, all closely focused on the logistics involved in a successful VBAC.  Is there a correlation between epidurals or induction and cesarean sections? How can I increase my likelihood of success if I am induced? Which special hospital protocols may apply for VBAC and are they necessary? These were addressed by home birth midwife Joan Bryson CNM and family physician Dr Marc Levin, who kindly joined us to answer questions and provide a care provider’s perspective on the VBAC. Our three mom speakers all shared powerful stories of difficult decisions during their pregnancies and births, and their journeys to find peace with and take ownership of their birth experience.