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CiC Chat on Pleasure and Birth, from our Director of Program Development, Khushbu Srivastava

August 21, 2013


Last Thursday, Choices in Childbirth hosted our first official “CiC Chat”, a new bi-monthly gathering where we sip wine, eat cheese and talk all things birth- including sharing inspiring stories, discussing pressing issues for change, and deliberating on not, new trends within the maternity care world. More than anything else, these events are one way that we have prioritized fostering a community of folks around our mission of promoting safe, healthy, and deeply fulfilling birth experiences.

Last Thursday’s event was co-hosted by CiC Board Member and Ecstatic Birth Advocate, Sheila Kamara Hay. Sheila and Debra Pascali-Bonaro, visionary, birth activist, and director of the film Orgasmic Birth, led an open conversation about the potential for pleasure in birth.


As someone who has worked in the maternity care/women’s right field for many years, and as someone who gave birth last year, I have to say that, even I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As the night began, I ensconced myself in a quiet corner of the room with a fluffy floor pillow, drink in hand, ready to learn. I found myself peacefully floating along as the night progressed, as Sheila shared her incredible birth story- a difficult birth, followed by a deep personal journey to reclaim her pleasure and strength in a second birth that was joy encapsulated. Debra showed a clip of the film- a beautiful birthing woman surrounded by flowers and greenery, birthing in a tub, with the most delicate expression of ecstasy- in a world that was completely her own. Debra’a laughter and easy jokes made me feel like I was sitting in a kitchen with my great-aunts and sisters, sharing naughty secrets and prized recipes.

Many women shared their own birth stories- the need for silence, the unexpected sexiness in the hospital room, the courage to stand up against those who may have tried to control our process, and the fear that perhaps this type of joy was for other women, not us. We held the many precious moments of victory and


sadness, and laughed together.

If there is one thing that I learned that evening, it is that there is no one way to birth, just as there is no one way to be a woman. It feels really special to be part of a community that celebrates women’s innate ability to bring life into this world joyfully.


Maximize Your Pleasure in Birth – and benefit CIC at the same time!

May 4, 2010

Sheri Winston is offering a great new class to help women have the most pleasurable birth possible. And she is generously donating a portion of the class fee to Choices in Childbirth!

Ecstatic Birth Intensive Class
Maximize Your Pleasure in Birth — From Empowering to ORGASMIC!

A “Clothes-On, Hands-Off” Class for Men & Women
& For Anyone Interested in Better Sex & Birth!

Birth and sex are not separate events that happen nine months apart. Aspects of the same psycho-somatic-spiritual trance journey, they produce profound and connected altered states of consciousness. There’s an integral relationship between the processes of birth, sexual arousal and orgasm—they share the same equipment and pathways (electro-chemical, neurobiological, energetic and more)…[view full description]

A Full Day Intensive: Sunday, May 16,  10 am – 5 pm
(Plus you’re welcome to stay for an optional Q & A from 5 – 6)
Pre-Register On-line – Only: $120 | At the Door: $150
At: 300 East 85th St, Common Room, NYC

BUY NOW for the low pre-registration price of only $120
$20 of your tuition will be donated to Choices in Childbirth*

Sexy Moms Series: Sex During & After Pregnancy

February 24, 2010

Last night we gathered at Babeland in Brooklyn for another installment of the intimate, exhilarating, and always entertaining evenings that are the Sexy Moms Series! The SMS series, designed to cater to the changing sexual and practical lifestyles of pregnant and new moms, never fails to push the envelope with the goal of providing new parents with all the timely information and support they need in their new lives–from evolving sexuality to lessons in parenting and everything in between. Last night was no exception! Read on to hear about the wildy wonderful evening which included birth chants, very sexy storytelling, and the writing of our own personal desire plans…

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