The feminists are coming! The feminists are coming!


The feminists are coming! The feminists are coming!

 This morning, Choices in Childbirth had the privilege of hosting three “campers” from Soap Box’s Feminist Boot Camp.  While the campers, all in their mid 20s, were clearly already feminists prior to participating in the boot camp, they shared the common thread of looking for a venue that properly housed their feminism.  Their week was filled with visiting wonderful organizations throughout New York City that support women’s rights in some capacity. 

Our discussion revolved around the Business of Being Born classroom edition. I, too, was initiated into the world of women’s reproductive health after watching the film several years ago in a college course.  The campers’ reaction to the film was similar to the one my classmates and I had: both inspired by the material and skeptical of its legitimacy. They loved the idea of homebirth and midwifery, yet they weren’t quite ready to drink the Kool-Aid.  Most of their comments and questions began “what if…happens” or “what if…goes wrong?”

 Their reaction reflects how ingrained the medical paradigm has become. Women are unwilling to accept that they are fully capable of giving birth because they have been taught that their bodies are not worth trusting.  Organizations like Soap Box and their feminist boot camp are so important so that information can continue to be disseminated that challenges the medical paradigm and re-instills faith in women and their ability to give birth. 


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    […] The feminists are coming! The feminists are coming! […]

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