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If Your Post-Baby Body Could Talk…By Valerie Lynn


I had the exciting experience of witnessing the New York City marathon first-hand this year as the route passed right in front of our building. I was amazed how the runners journeyed from all over the world -France, UK, Germany, Australia, Norway, Japan, China and so on to our city.  My son gave out water to the runners as they passed by with his cub-scout troop and we both felt they were nothing short of inspiring.

I meet many expecting mamas in my line of work, and for me, they are my daily inspiration. As pregnant mamas we carry a little life inside of our growing bellies and choose to put our lives on hold during pregnancy. We have expectations of recovering in just 1-2 months after our baby is born and we’ll bounce back to our old selves, resume our previous life (and clothes size) as well as responsibilities such having shopping, cleaning and returning to work; assuming along the way a strong recovery will take place naturally. Then when we aren’t able to put on our jeans the next day or lose the fat quickly in the weeks afterwards and come to suffer from low energy levels and experience the upsetting postpartum emotions we’ve heard about the simplest tasks become daunting.

As women our body goes through the most significant experience that it can – giving birth. Therefore it is just as important, or even more important in my opinion, to do everything you can to help your body heal as it will have unique and special needs. It’s my intention to continue to shout this from the rooftops so moms across America in the very near future, literally, give themselves a break after they give birth. Women don’t realize they are damaging themselves by not having a recovery period and I attribute this to the general misunderstanding of the condition of their body after child birth.  Below is a conversation between a mama and her post-baby body if one could take place. After reading this every expecting mama should understand what your body will be recovering from simultaneously after delivery and why it not only needs a recuperation period but also has different nutritional needs in the following weeks.

If your post-baby could talk it would tell you this, “Mama you need to be gentle with me as my energy is spent. I’m here for you but I need to be cared for as I’ve been through a wonderful but exhausting experience. I am able to heal fast but only if I am allowed to rest and have healing meals that my body now needs. Our pregnancy experience is far from over as now, it is my time to recover.  This is what I’m recovering from:

Mama, can you see why I need a little TLC? Please don’t expect too much from me over the next month. I’m very tired. Let’s spent most of our time at home resting and cuddling with our new baby; we’ll have a lot to learn. Our energy levels will come back strong, we will be rejuvenated and be at our best to take care of our baby. We have all the time in the world to do other things. This is a time for us and our new family.”

Valerie Lynn is American’s first Post-pregnancy Wellness Coach, founder of the Post-pregnancy Wellness Company and Designer of The Mommy Wrap; who is introducing an entirely new paradigm regarding “holistic after birth care and healing” in the United States based on Eastern influences. Her book, The Mommy Plan, is gaining global recognition in the child birth industry as she has explained core tenets of traditional after birth guidelines surrounding a mother’s diet, activities and personal care during the first 6-8 weeks after child birth backed by food science, anatomy, and medical science. Valerie is an approved Johnson & Johnson speaker; The Mommy Plan Workshop has been taught to J&J expecting mamas on staff.  She is also the Cultural Advisor to Sacred Pregnancy’s Art of Sacred Postpartum; the International Country Coordinator of Malaysia, for Postpartum Support International (PSI); and is on the Board of Advisors for both the After Birth Project, a documentary-in-the-making on the lack of after birth support in the United States and the social effects as well as the International Maternity Institute Valerie is the first foreigner, in Malaysia to be university trained and certified as a Traditional Postpartum Practitioner in after birth care. She offers training in traditional after birth care, herbal body treatments, massage and abdominal wrapping. PPW is the Sole US distributor of a unique, traditional, Eastern Oriental-inspired Postnatal Care Set that accelerates a mama’s healing from childbirth.