In Her Words: Birth Story


CiC would like to give a HUGE thank you to Trina Evans, a birth doula, and this week’s guest writer.

On my 24th birthday, I had an appointment with my physician who confirmed my suspicions that I was pregnant. I was planning to meet with a midwife, which he supported, as long as I chose a hospital birth. I was planning a hospital birth, there was no concern there, it was definitely the best option for me.

At the time, I was working in a group home with high risk youth. I was very sick, losing 10lbs in the first 2 months of pregnancy. I felt drained, run down, and not in control of my emotions. I remember at one point closing a door and locking it behind me when kids started getting in my face. I had no energy and no desire to deal with it. My midwife took me off work 2 months prior to my due date. The baby was doing well, growing on schedule, and I did manage to gain 26lbs. I always say that my body took over to protect him, but knocked me out in the process.

I never wrote a birth plan and I really didn’t even know Birth Plans existed. When we talked about the birth, all I knew is I wanted to labor in the bath. The hospital had bath tubs in every room, for laboring, but not for birthing. I spent a lot of time in the bath through my pregnancy, and I knew that would help to relax me. I wasn’t opposed to any form of pain relief. I just figured, I would decide in the moment. That was all I had considered, it’s all we had talked about, it’s all I really knew.

I started getting pre-labor pains on a Thursday, a day after my due date. I was excited, I was ready!! My midwife said there was a good chance labor would start soon, and that I would likely have my baby over the weekend. I called my mother, who was 4 hours away, and told her what was going on so she could come for the labor and stay afterward.

By Saturday night, I was starting to feel a little on edge. I called my midwife and she came over about 5pm on Saturday. I asked her to check my progress (it was the first of only two vaginal exams I had through the whole process). I was 2 cm and showing signs of progression. My midwife had been at a birth all day, and said she would go home and get some rest. She told me to try to go to bed early, and that I would likely be up in the middle of the night in labor. How exciting!!

I started getting stronger pains, still nothing unbearable, but I definitely knew they were there. I timed a few, and they were sporadic, and at best 10 minutes apart lasting about 20 seconds. We went to bed and the next morning by 9am, my mom told me that she thought it was time to go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go, my contractions weren’t regular, and I didn’t want to be “that woman” showing up at the hospital at only 2-3 cm. I held off for about 30 minutes, but my mom urged me to call the midwife, who told us she would meet us at the hospital.

Since it was winter in Canada It was cold, icy, snow laying everywhere, making the road rough. It was a long 10 minute drive! When we got to the hospital, our midwife hadn’t arrived yet, so we waiting. It wasn’t long, but I was definitely not comfortable anymore.

When we got into the room, my midwife checked me – the second cervical exam of my entire pregnancy. I was 9 cm!! How could I be 9cm when I hadn’t even had a consistent contraction pattern yet? It didn’t matter at that point, I wanted to get in the tub. It was my only plan for labor! So they ran me a nice warm bath. I got in the water, took a deep breath, and completely relaxed….and in that very moment, my water broke, and I was feeling pressure, oh so much pressure. At that point, I looked at my midwife and said “do you think I should take something, just to take the edge off?” She said I didn’t need it, the hard part was over. That was all I needed to hear.

Since you aren’t allowed to birth in the tubs, and I was feeling pushy. I had to get out of the bath. I had only been in there for maybe 5 minutes, how disappointing. I got up, I could barely walk, there was just so much pressure. I stopped on the toilet, thinking I needed to go. For those of you who haven’t birthed, as the baby comes down, it feels just like a bowel movement. I made my way to the bed and was helped in. My midwife told me not to lay on my back, that my side would be better.

In the births that I have seen, women lay on their backs, so I thought the request to lay on my side was a little strange, but I did it anyway. I started pushing, and yelling. I knew it was close, I knew this was the end. I pushed as hard as I could, and my support team was getting excited. I was somewhat in my own world, all I knew is that my body was telling me to push, and that is what I did.

I felt the ring of fire, and almost instantly, all the pain was gone. He was here! At 11:27am, an hour after arriving at the hospital, and only half an hour of pushing, my baby was here. My midwife placed him directly on my abdomen. He had a short cord, and that was as high as they could get him, but I didn’t care. I had my baby. He was warm, wet, and beautiful.

My son was born posterior, or what they call sunny side up. Since he came so fast, and he was posterior, it left me with a 3rd degree tear. My midwife asked for some assistance from an OB for the repair. It was the only time I had seen a Doctor since that very first appointment. The repair was awful. It was the first time I reached for the gas, and I passed right out. I don’t know how long the repair lasted, or how many stitches it took, but it healed well.

I was home by 8pm that same day, less than 24 hours after giving birth. I had my family around me, I was comfortable, relaxed and happy. My midwives came to my house to do check ups for the first week, and Konner was doing awesome! I healed quickly, despite my 3rd degree tear, and was out shopping within a few days. I couldn’t wait to show off this precious little baby.

When I had Konner, I was not educated about birth. I knew I wanted a midwife, I knew I wanted to be in water. I knew that having a doctor didn’t mean a better outcome. That’s all I knew. I had a completely natural, drug and intervention free birth, in a hospital with my midwife by my side. No pressure for induction, no pressure for IV, for monitoring, for anything else. I loved the birth of my son, and will always have fond memories of that day.

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