Good News – MMA Update


Consumer support for the Midwifery Modernization Act (MMA) has been overwhelming – Lawmakers in Albany have heard you and are now ready to take action and protect your right to access quality midwifery care!   The heads of the Higher Education Committee of both the Senate and the Assembly have decided to bring the MMA bill to a committee vote this week!

While this is a major step forward, we’re not across the finish line yet.  If the bill passes in both of the Higher Ed committees then it will be brought to the Assembly and Senate for a full vote.  We are hopeful that this will happen before the current legislative session closes at the end of this month!

Constituents like you have been so instrumental in moving this bill forward.  We need you to help keep the momentum going.  If you support the MMA, you can help!

To find out how, visit:


One Response to “Good News – MMA Update”

  1. Jeanette McCulloch Says:

    Thanks for updating on this important legislation! A critical committee vote today (Tuesday, June 8th) at 11:30 am means we must *flood* ALL the Assembly Higher Ed committee members with calls/faxes/e-mails *nonstop* ASAP. Visit for contact info – and sign up for key updates. Thanks for supporting midwifery – this bill has only come as far as it has thanks to the support of folks like you!

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