Shaking off Labels: How “Risk” in pregnancy can equal “Reward” instead


Mayra: “Best C-section ever!”

Echoing Tracy’s sentiment regarding a no-fear birthing policy, Mayra approached the birth of her second son with an open mind and a willingness to accept that this second birth could be equally as incredible as her first—even if complicating circumstances meant that it would be very different. Some of us are very familiar with that first birth—Mayra’s first son was born at home to an audience of millions, it was featured in Ricki Lake’s documentary, “The Business of Being Born.” While she had chosen home birth for her first because she believed it to be the safest place to give birth, a rare condition with her second baby’s umbilical cord along with other complications led her to choose to give birth the second time in a hospital via cesarean. Of the cesarean, Mayra remarked “It was strange to have a baby that way, but it was great because he was healthy.” Mayra’s practitioners were Dr. George Mussalli and Dr. Jacqueline Worth, and one of the most enlightening aspects of Mayra’s story for the rest of us was having the opportunity to relive the ongoing dialogue between mother and practitioner, in which both parties negotiated on behalf of the baby’s best interest. Mayra pushed for scheduling her C-section later than the OBs suggested; and nervous at her decision but respectful of her intuition, Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth checked on Mayra and her son everyday to ensure his safety. It was inspiring to hear not only of Mayra’s ability to make peace with the birth of her son and what she jokingly referred to as the “best c-section ever,” but also to witness how a negotiation between a mother and her practitioner could be filled with trust and mutual respect.


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