Shaking off Labels: How “Risk” in pregnancy can equal “Reward” instead


Tracy: “I’m making people out of food.”

As Tracy carried her twins, her priority was to avoid a “fear-based” birth. Instead of having her choices informed by all the things that could go wrong, she focused her attention on factors that she could control, such as hiring a doula and being vigilant about her nutrition. Tracy’s desire to have a natural childbirth raised some eyebrows. As Tracy put it, having twins is typically considered high risk, plus she added, “I’m old!” In spite of her could-be-risky pregnancy, Tracy worked with doula Terry Richmond (also, incidentally a beloved member of the CIC family!), to create a birth plan that was both inclusive of all the things that were important to her and flexible enough to allow room for the unexpected. In addition to having twins, Tracy also had a baby with a breech presentation. Getting “Baby A” to flip using natural instead of chemical techniques was definitely a priority.

Dealing with the breech, and the twins, and finding a practitioner who would respect her preference for a natural birth made Tracy a very busy, but seemingly unburdened, expectant mother. As she told us her story, the tone was definitely one of inner peace as opposed to stress, and it was clear that Tracy’s decision to focus on her nutrition and creating a flexible birth plan with Terry had positively influenced her birthing journey. In response to friends and family who commented on her dietary discipline, Tracy remarked, “I’m making babies out of food.” And though Tracy was hoping for a natural vaginal birth, she decided ahead of time that she wasn’t going to feel bad if she needed an epidural or a cesarean. Cutting herself some slack ultimately left Tracy empowered to feel good about the experience—no matter how it turned out. One natural birth and two healthy baby girls later, Tracy looks back on her experience with a continued sense of accomplishment.


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